Fear of Darkness

I’m currently working on a Fear of Darkness VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) program at work. I love getting to work on these projects because they’ve been clinically proven through our NIH grants to effectively treat people’s phobias. It’s so awesome as an artist to be able to produce work that actually helps people, and this will just be one more phobia we can help treat.

Zombie Bellhop

Here’s some playblasts of the zombie rig from hotel transylvania. It’s a fun little rig to play with. I’ll keep adding animations here as I continue to experiment with the rig.

Wander North Georgia Photography Showcase.

Wander North Georgia just held it’s second Photography Showcase. I was one of the 5 finalists chosen to go and present my landscape photography before the audience and the judges panel.


We mingled and talked with everyone, and then we sat down and did a Q&A about our work.


I’m excited to say that I won! It was an amazing time and I had so much fun meeting everyone, being declared the winner was just icing on the cake!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us and hangout.