Blue Film WIP

Update: I’ve done some proper storyboards and touch up the character designs. You can find the newer stuff here.

I’ve decided to make a short film in my spare time. So with a lot of determination and some help from friends I’m going to complete this film. I have a long road ahead, but I’ve been steadily making progress. Now that I’m into the 3D modeling I’ll start posting about the production process. The first place I started of course was with an idea I felt was worth sharing.

I wanted the film to tell a simple story through a complex use of color. I feel that a story and viewers’ moods can be enhanced by a smart use of color. This is no stunning revelation. People have been doing this in art and media for decades upon decades. The thing is I feel a lot of time that people don’t consider color enough.

Color is a great thing. Difference is a great thing. Variety is a great thing. This film is a little about color telling a story, but it’s a lot about how the act of something different coming into your world is a great thing. I feel adding new experiences and people into your life will make it better place. If people take anything away from this film I hope they take away this concept and don’t shun differences that enter their world but embrace them with passion.

For the look of the film I want it to be highly designed. Having a final product that looks like a modern day UPA cartoon. I feel like with the story I’m trying to tell and the way I want to tell it the modern art UPA style is the perfect fit. The reason I want to do this in 3D is to help create some richer character animation than would be in a traditional UPA cartoon. UPA was known for making more stylized animation, but I feel like having full rich character animation is needed because the characters drive the story and I want that push forward to be a strong bold statement. Below is a synopsis of the plot, some rough character designs, as well as my color script.

The world that the main character lives in is bland and monotone. As an artist this frustrates him, because he can’t produce beautiful vibrant art. In a fit of determination he leaves his studio to head to the park for inspiration. He initial observation leads him to more disgust over the bland and mundane; that is until he sees someone or something that really pops out of the blandness.

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