Making a Monster


I was tasked with making a monster that would in 11 stages go from this cute harmless thing to something that would scare a child. During the meetings people kept mention growing. So I went off and started thinking about seeds and flowers. After playing around with some rough ideas I began looking at flower bulbs. I felt like the bulb was a more substantial beginning than my initial idea of a seed and could be a good character right from the start. So, I took the bulb shape and made that the body of the creature. From there it was the just a matter of growing and corrupting my bulb and flower. It starts off saturated, light, and green; much like some of the bulbs I found during my research. As it gets older/more corrupt it becomes desaturated and  adds darker tones to slowly remove the playfulness and make it feel more sinister. I’m quite pleased with this one, because it was a big hit with the people that matter. In my book a job that you feel is done well and makes the higher ups happy is simply the best thing.

Around Town



These images are some I drew in Adobe Illustrator from a current project that is turning out to be really awesome. It’s very unique stylistically from what we have historically done. I wish I could say more about the project itself, but it’s too soon to say more. Just know that I feel like it’s a really brilliant user experience.

Fear of Flying


These images are from a project I just wrapped up here at work. We were updating our VR system for Fear of Flying to be used on mobile devices. We wanted to update the looks while making it even lower poly so it would be able to run on even an iPhone 4s. I think the results turned out quite nice considering the strict limitations we had on the project. What’s really cool is once you’re in the plan a therapist can control the weather and environment to custom tailor each experience per client.