Making a Monster


I was tasked with making a monster that would in 11 stages go from this cute harmless thing to something that would scare a child. During the meetings people kept mention growing. So I went off and started thinking about seeds and flowers. After playing around with some rough ideas I began looking at flower bulbs. I felt like the bulb was a more substantial beginning than my initial idea of a seed and could be a good character right from the start. So, I took the bulb shape and made that the body of the creature. From there it was the just a matter of growing and corrupting my bulb and flower. It starts off saturated, light, and green; much like some of the bulbs I found during my research. As it gets older/more corrupt it becomes desaturated and  adds darker tones to slowly remove the playfulness and make it feel more sinister. I’m quite pleased with this one, because it was a big hit with the people that matter. In my book a job that you feel is done well and makes the higher ups happy is simply the best thing.

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