Some shots from a current work project.

This is from a project I’m currently working on. I’m really proud of the way this project is turning out. Everything went from concept art to what you see here in just a two week span. There were three of us working on the art side for this thing. I did the original concept work and the environment modeling. Justin did the character models. Then Diana, Justin, and myself tackled all of the UV mapping, lighting, and texturing and BOOM we have a pretty neat start here.



My digital painting for the evening. I originally wanted to call this one “plbbbbt!” but I figured that would be more difficult to say.Image

Well Done Warrior (WiP)

I purchased my first Cintiq this week and I wanted to try it out the day it arrived. Here is my progress so far. I would’ve waited until I finished the background but I was so excited about the way it was turning out I had to share sooner.




Sorry for the lack of posts. Work has been busy; a blessing I know. I’ve produced a lot of really cool work, but I can’t show it off quite yet. To tide everyone over here’s a picture I made of all the people at work for their Christmas present this past year.

I have some more film related stuff coming this weekend too, so stay tuned!

UPA and Me

I have watched a lot of cartoons over the years. But one style of animation has always made me smile. I’ve admired the UPA style for years with classics like Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoing Boing they really pushed the design of cartoons. So in honor of my love for this style this afternoon I created a self portrait.

the Keeper

This is a maquette I made for the Open House art show at SCAD Atlanta. He’s the main character from a story I’ve had floating around in the form of notes and sketchbook pieces for a long time. This character was a lot of fun to make. I hope you all like this creepy old man who has a pension for collecting rats as much as I like him.