Working on Something Big.

I’m working on something that I’m going to put out into the world as quickly as I can, but I’ve made enough progress I thought that I would share some images with you all now.

I’ll explain the concept thoroughly when it is closer to being released. For now just enjoy some beautiful images.


Where’s the Item

These were for a find the item mini game inside one of our products. Inside the program these images were giant so that you could zoom in and really appreciate all of the little images that were used to make up the bigger pictures.

Around Town



These images are some I drew in Adobe Illustrator from a current project that is turning out to be really awesome. It’s very unique stylistically from what we have historically done. I wish I could say more about the project itself, but it’s too soon to say more. Just know that I feel like it’s a really brilliant user experience.

Picking on Supes.


At Christmas I was commissioned to draw Superheroes for a young lady to give to her husband as a present. I of course jumped on this because you don’t get much more fun jobs. As we talked about what she wanted it became clear her husband has an extreme dislike for Superman. So we talked about making the other heroes pick on him. I thought well it’s not as much fun if they’re adults, so I suggested baby heroes. She loved the idea so I went and made these.