Fear of Heights: Bridges Update

I’d recently been tasked with updating the looks of our VR program Fear of Bridges. Everything here was modeled, uv mapped, and textured by me. Modeling and UV mapping was done in Maya. Materials are made with Substance. Game engine is Unity. The VR systems are the HTC Vive for desktop and the Oculus Go for mobile.





Today I had 45 minutes to model and UV a spider for a mobile VR project. I present to you Señor Noodle Legs.


His noodle legs will be gone after rigging but this looked to the be most efficient pre-rig pose.


Animations for Anxiety

These are clips from the child section that I designed and animated for the Anchor’s Away: Anxiety at Bay app that in used to treat children with childhood anxieties. The app is currently in clinical testing, but I’m so happy with what our team has accomplished with this one.


VR Environments

Here’s some examples of environments that I modeled in Maya, textured in Substance, and lit for real-time use in Unity. The environments are used as Virtual Reality Exposure treatments for people suffering with things like addictions, phobias, and PTSD.

Modeling an ICU

I’m in the process of modeling an ICU for a virtual reality training program for doctors and nurses. Here’s some shots that show off the topology of each model. Everything needs to strike a delicate balance between looking realistic and being very efficient so the user can do what they need to in VR without experiencing any lag or dropped frames. the textures and colors you see are just references, because after the modeling is done I will create the actual textures in Substance.