the Keeper

This is a maquette I made for the Open House art show at SCAD Atlanta. He’s the main character from a story I’ve had floating around in the form of notes and sketchbook pieces for a long time. This character was a lot of fun to make. I hope you all like this creepy old man who has a pension for collecting rats as much as I like him.

paper cut and spritz

This is a sculpture I did of two characters I created. It was done with Sculpy and acrylic paints. I really like the energy they give off, even when they’re just standing still.

Curiosity Burns part two

Part two of The Artist burning himself. How will he cool the raging heat that’s in his mouth? This animation is incredibly silly but I am really fond of this character’s action and his and the world’s design. I can’t wait to do more with this character.

Curiosity Burns part one

This is an animation test I did with a character I created a while ago. I love his design and the life I was able to get out of him. He’s a fun character and I hope to do a lot more animations with him.

under the sea

Some digital paintings of under sea life I did for fun. They’re loose and flowing. I focused on creating energy with diagonals, color, and organic flowing lines. For what they are I think results were good. I especially love the feeling that I got from the one I have dubbed “Electric Jellyfish”.

back to basics

Here is my leap back into traditional mediums. I started it as just a straight acrylic painting, but when I went to Dick Blick to pick up some more art supplies I was inspired by some of the papers they had there. So, I switched up my game plan and made a mixed media piece. It’s torn paper and acrylic paint on canvas. I loved the results I got from this experiment and I’m turning in into a series based on light, ie dawn, dusk, night, and noon.


This week I just downloaded an app for my iPad and iPhone called Zen Brush. It’s really slick and I’ve been playing around, just trying to get a feel for it, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with my preliminary results. I can’t wait to see what I am really capable of using this tool.

The Jubilant Viking

This is a sculpture I made of a Viking character that I created name Olaf Hauskludson. He was sculpted using epoxy putty and Sculpy, and painted with acrylics. I really pushed the balance of sculpture by lifting most of the energy and weight up off the base and into the air. I think this created a very nice dynamic piece. I’m glad to have him back home from being displayed at SCAD-Atlanta.