Fear of Darkness

I’m currently working on a Fear of Darkness VRET (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy) program at work. I love getting to work on these projects because they’ve been clinically proven through our NIH grants to effectively treat people’s phobias. It’s so awesome as an artist to be able to produce work that actually helps people, and this will just be one more phobia we can help treat.

Fear of Heights: Bridges Update

I’d recently been tasked with updating the looks of our VR program Fear of Bridges. Everything here was modeled, uv mapped, and textured by me. Modeling and UV mapping was done in Maya. Materials are made with Substance. Game engine is Unity. The VR systems are the HTC Vive for desktop and the Oculus Go for mobile.





Today I had 45 minutes to model and UV a spider for a mobile VR project. I present to you Señor Noodle Legs.


His noodle legs will be gone after rigging but this looked to the be most efficient pre-rig pose.


VR Environments

Here’s some examples of environments that I modeled in Maya, textured in Substance, and lit for real-time use in Unity. The environments are used as Virtual Reality Exposure treatments for people suffering with things like addictions, phobias, and PTSD.

Modeling an ICU

I’m in the process of modeling an ICU for a virtual reality training program for doctors and nurses. Here’s some shots that show off the topology of each model. Everything needs to strike a delicate balance between looking realistic and being very efficient so the user can do what they need to in VR without experiencing any lag or dropped frames. the textures and colors you see are just references, because after the modeling is done I will create the actual textures in Substance.


Fear of Flying


These images are from a project I just wrapped up here at work. We were updating our VR system for Fear of Flying to be used on mobile devices. We wanted to update the looks while making it even lower poly so it would be able to run on even an iPhone 4s. I think the results turned out quite nice considering the strict limitations we had on the project. What’s really cool is once you’re in the plan a therapist can control the weather and environment to custom tailor each experience per client.

Some shots from a current work project.

This is from a project I’m currently working on. I’m really proud of the way this project is turning out. Everything went from concept art to what you see here in just a two week span. There were three of us working on the art side for this thing. I did the original concept work and the environment modeling. Justin did the character models. Then Diana, Justin, and myself tackled all of the UV mapping, lighting, and texturing and BOOM we have a pretty neat start here.