My digital painting for the evening. I originally wanted to call this one “plbbbbt!” but I figured that would be more difficult to say.Image

Well Done Warrior (WiP)

I purchased my first Cintiq this week and I wanted to try it out the day it arrived. Here is my progress so far. I would’ve waited until I finished the background but I was so excited about the way it was turning out I had to share sooner.


Lad Davis

This is a portrait I painted of my Grandfather for his birthday. It’s another in my growing portfolio of iPad art. I’m determined to prove to people that real art can be created with an iPad.





We had a very sad event happen today. My wife’s grandfather passed away suddenly. While I was around the family I felt like there wasn’t anything I could say to make things better. As I drove home I thought well I couldn’t say enough but perhaps there was something else I could do to show my feelings. Since pictures are worth a thousand words I hope this portrait I painted on my iPad will suffice.




under the sea

Some digital paintings of under sea life I did for fun. They’re loose and flowing. I focused on creating energy with diagonals, color, and organic flowing lines. For what they are I think results were good. I especially love the feeling that I got from the one I have dubbed “Electric Jellyfish”.

back to basics

Here is my leap back into traditional mediums. I started it as just a straight acrylic painting, but when I went to Dick Blick to pick up some more art supplies I was inspired by some of the papers they had there. So, I switched up my game plan and made a mixed media piece. It’s torn paper and acrylic paint on canvas. I loved the results I got from this experiment and I’m turning in into a series based on light, ie dawn, dusk, night, and noon.